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We partner with the world's best teams, products and services. We seek consumer and enterprise franchises in large, growing markets.

Our investees are innovative companies disrupting incumbents or creating new markets. We focus on businesses with strong competitive advantages and attractive reinvestment opportunities.

As acolytes of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, we are standing on the shoulders of giants and adapting to a world permeated by software, network effects and zero marginal costs.

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Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, there have been several waves of innovation. The wave we're living in—semiconductors, and the internet—is just getting started. The spread of broadband around the world, followed by the proliferation of the smartphone, cloud computing, and an entirely new technology stack built on top of these tools has resulted in an explosion of opportunity for founders and investors alike.

At Heller House, we have a deep understanding of these technologies. We own a concentrated portfolio of the best businesses exploiting these opportunities.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, executives and family offices. Join us in our journey.

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